Pulcino Obelisk (enamels Right) Lladro Figurine

Pulcino Obelisk (enamels Right) Lladro Figurine
Pulcino Obelisk (enamels Right)
Issue Year:
Vases and Decorative
Retirement Year:
Francisco Cuesta
15x4¾ "
Lladro presents a symmetrical pair of obelisks formed by an elefant on a pedestal that carries the obelisk stone on its back as an allegory to well supported knowledge and wisdom. The original obelisk is to be found at the Minerva square in Rom, Italy and being very popular among the romans, it got the nickname of ¿pulcino¿ (little chicks) probably instead of Porcino (piggy in italian), as the elephant looks quite fat. Two versions are available: with enamels or with golden luster. The arrow of the obelisk is fully engraved on the four sides according to the original hieroglyphs.

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